Friday, February 1, 2013

Referral - Day 2

We woke up the next morning with the plan of contacting doctors who specialize in international adoption and having them look at the limited information we had. There was one doctor that I really wanted to use for this, so he was my first call. They gave me a website to go to that would give me the instructions to upload the file. The website was down. I called back, and they let me know that the doctor would be out of the office until the next day. I left a message. I checked the website many, many times that day, and it was down every time. I called 3 other places. A well-respected one called back, but their fees were painful. I finally called my regular pediatrician, and he agreed to look it over. I was not feeling any peace at all and was praying for a sign. I went on Facebook (shocking, I know), and there were 2 posts in a row that were significant to me (and too silly for me to publicly admit). I also put a post up on a China adoption Facebook group asking how many of them "knew" that was their child the minute they saw the picture. A mom reached out to me, and we ended up talking on the phone. This was so very helpful to me. One thing she said that helped both Mark and me was that God would bless whatever decision we make if we are making it in faith. We went to bed that night without ever talking to a doctor. We both felt that we would have a hard time moving forward without a more recent update. My prayer that night was that if this was our child, then please let us have an update in the morning.

Someone in my Facebook group had posted this fabric. My fantastic sister-in-law helped me find it. She then picked it up for me on Wednesday and made it into a blanket for me. I know Emma will love it.

- Jenna

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