Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day at the Zoo

Emma was able to meet another one of her aunts and some more cousins. My boys wanted to go to the zoo, so we met up there. That may not have been the best first meeting spot because it took Emma a while to warm up to them. In the end, it was impossible to resist the sweet mothering of her cousins. I know that they are going to have a great relationship. She did enjoy the zoo, and we were able to see the new baby elephant. Chase wasn't able to join us because he was working.

Emma loves Dylan so much. I forgot the good camera, so phone pictures will have to do.

Emma really likes birds, so I was looking forward to having her feed the birds.

See the sweet little momma

There have to be some stagecoach pictures.

I guess Dylan, Cade, and Ben were too big to participate in these pictures :-)

Tornado stimulating tube. I didn't let Emma in because I thought it might freak her out. After their turn, she hopped in and wanted a turn. I was out of money so she was out of luck. There doesn't seem to be much that scares her. We have found that lightning does scare her a little.

Sweet girls

- Jenna

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