Monday, July 29, 2013

Phone Pictures

Yes, this is how these two roll. Cade is in a ninja outfit. When he wears this, Mark calls him "Fist of Goodness".

Chase made her a caramel frap. She loved it. Starting good habits early.

Eating popsicles.

Looks comfy

She loves sunglasses, but she also quickly destroys them. This is an old pair of mine. They were lost at a store not long after this picture, but she had already bent the frame. I have tried to find her some kid sunglasses, but I really can't find any that fit her. Her noggin is big, and she doesn't have much of a bridge on her nose. Plus, she would destroy them :-)

She was able to meet my sister and loved her right away. Not the best picture, but she really did like Jenise.

Emma, Cade, Nate, and I ate at Cheesecake Factory with my sister. The boys had never been there before and were more than a little excited.

At the car wash. She really loves Dylan.

She really does like to help. She helps me with the laundry and with cooking. Here she is helping Mark do the dishes.

This last week was VBS week. Chase and Dylan were helping out. Dylan is Grape Guy.

Nate's group

I think she fits right into our crazy family.

Trying to do a peace sign

She has some serious love for her brothers.

Pressing her face into his.

Sometimes there are no words

This picture cracks me up. Also, look at the bow!!

Future CBH camper. Jenise got her this shirt.

She really loves her Aunt Charlotte.

I have some swimming pictures that are still on the camera. She LOVES swimming and is fearless. Those will be in the next post.

- Jenna

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