Sunday, January 12, 2014

Catching Up

I am going to work at catching up the blog.  I really want to save these memories.  I still can't believe how blessed we are.  I am full of gratitude for her and for everyone who helped to bring her home.  This post is mainly just pictures.  Future ones will have more text.

Starting bad habits - but isn't she cute.  My own Dr. Pepper habit has been greatly reduced, so her access to the yummy goodness is restricted.
She still adores her brothers.  I love watching them all together.  They dote on her.
My cute nephew, Trent, pre-haircut.
My precious Cade.  He loves Emma, and the love is returned.  I am so glad that he has her in his life.  She brings him so much joy.  He is struggling so much lately with social issues.  I wish I could fix things for him.  He is so sweet, loving, compassionate, smart, and talented.  I pray all the time that God will send him the friend that he needs.
Mark was playing with his flash, but I wanted to preserve both of these pictures, so here is a double dose of Cade.

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