Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Around Town

We came back to the hotel after our trip to the museum. The hotel gets a bit difficult after a while. Too many people in too small of a space with not enough to do. The boys normally want to be in our room because they want to spend time with Emma. The boys have been amazing with Emma, and she is already loving them and bossing them around. She will wag her little finger at them and will point at what she wants them to do, and they are happy to do it. Chase is especially great with her and is always wanting to hold her and play with her. She will let him hold her some, but right now she wants me to do all the holding. She is loving her brothers and it is a beautiful thing to watch them bonding. Chase and I took Emma to the very small play area in the hotel. She had a good time. We then took her outside and taught her the joy of being swung by the arms by two people holding your hands. She loved it so much and would just start dropping hoping that we would swing her. We were all restless in the hotel room, so we walked to Pizza Hut for dinner. Pizza Hut here is a nice restaurant. As usual, we were a spectacle wherever we went.

A picture of all my children together.

These people were really fascinated by us. The women were trying to tell me something about Emma's hair, but that language issue again. There was a little boy who isn't pictured who was terrified of us. One woman gave us corn on the cob. Emma has clearly had it before and loved it. That is a vertical picture I will have to try again.

Emma loving on Cade at Pizza Hut. The girl ate most of my spaghetti in addition to the corn and her Cheerios.

We stopped to listen to this guy play. He spoke to us and soon we were the center of attention and the crowd grew.

Emma had a hard time falling asleep. She wasn't unhappy, she just couldn't settle down. It took an hour and a half for her to finally go to sleep. I don't think she is used to doing so many things. It is better than sitting in the small hotel room. We all get grumpy after doing that for a while. Tomorrow we will see the largest waterfall in China. It will be a great day.

- Jenna

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