Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day Seven

In the morning, Emma had her required medical exam. Since only one parent needed to go, I took Emma and Mark stayed back with the boys. I barely took any pictures because it was crowded, chaotic, and I was wrestling a very active toddler.

We first had to have a photo taken of Emma. She looks less than thrilled in her picture. We then waited until it was our groups turn to go back for the examination stations. There were four stops for every child over age 2 (only 3 stops for those under 2). Emma had her TB blood draw done first. They actually took her away to do this. I thought it was funny that the door to this room has a Christmas decoration on it.

Emma was crying when I got her back and was ticked about the bandaid on her arm. The nurse wanted me to hold pressure on the bandaid for five minutes. Instead, I took it off and had a much happier Emma. Next was the ENT stop. He gave her a quick look and then said we were done. He then noticed on her file that she had a cleft palate, so he motioned for us to sit down again. He looked at her palate and stated that the repair was very successful. That was good to hear. The next station was for the general examination. This line took a while and Emma was not a fan of the wait. It was finally our turn. The doctor did ask me if Emma had fallen after the doctor saw the big lump on her forehead. I told her that we were told she did fall about a year ago. I will be glad to have that looked at when we get home. The last station was where they took her temperature and recorded her height and weight. I was happy to see that Emma followed the nurse's directions. Her receptive language skills seem really good. Our group was finally ready to leave. Again, it was so nice to meet so many adoptive families. One family was sporting their Aggie gear and even had their new son sporting an Aggie shirt. They had bought him some shoes, and they happened to have longhorns on them. Never fear Aggie fans, they cut off the horns. It did crack me up.

After we got back to the hotel, we went to Subway to grab a quick bite. It is different than Subway in America, but it wasn't bad. Then one of us had to go meet our guide in order to prepare the paperwork for the consulate appointment. I have done all the adoption paperwork when we were home, but Mark has done every bit of it while we have been in country. The paperwork is stressful. One mistake could cause serious issues or delays. I have been so thankful to Mark that he has been handling it all while in country. The rest of the afternoon we just hung out in the hotel room and played with Emma. She is really starting to show progress with her attachment to Mark. His giving her chips has helped a lot with this. The girl loves her some potato chips. Mark also worked on getting her to sign "please". She is making progress. We then went to a Mexican food restaurant for dinner. It was okay, but it was much pricier than we anticipated. We won't be returning there.

She loves to go up and down this escalator, and she is lucky enough to have great big brothers who will take her.

First Mexican food....kinda

More progress with Mark. He was playing a hand game with her.

Most of the restaurants we have eaten at in China do this to the straws. Also, the service is a different pace than what we are used to having, and it seems to take forever to get your bill. You do not tip at meals in China.

Nate started coughing during the day. Never fear, I had come prepared with the nebulizer. I ran out of time to buy a converter, but I didn't worry about it because I had heard the hotel would have one we could use. Wrong! Fortunately, I had Nate's doctor prescribe him an inhaler. It does seem to be managing it. I pray it continues. Nate has a tendency to get bad quickly. We have moved him into our room where he is happy to be sleeping on the couch. We feel better having him in hearing distance when he is having asthma troubles. It has also been helpful for his transition to having a sister who currently requires a lot of my attention. After she is asleep, I am able to go sit with Nate and spend some time with him. It is good for both of us. I miss that time with my Nater Tot. All-in-all, it was a good day, and we are happy to be one day closer to home.

- Jenna

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