Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day Ten

Today there was no adoption related business. We hired Ann of Red Thread (she is the one who sent our care package and birthday cake to Emma) to take us shopping. She knows where to go to get the best deals. We wanted to get Emma a few souvenirs from the country of her birth. We were able to get her some traditional dresses, an umbrella, movies in mandarin, tea sets, chopsticks (starter ones too), and some jade. Everything here is very cheap, so it sounds like a lot, but really didn't cost that much money. We took the subway to the toy market. Mark took this picture in the subway station.

Ann and I at the tea set store. I could have bought so many of the tea sets. I love them. I did restrain myself (with Mark's help).

Emma was not really thrilled with the shopping. Did she not know it was all for her? I bet that will change :-)

We took a van to the jade market. I don't think this was a "taxi", but Ann made the arrangements and it worked out just fine.

See how much she is loving shopping :-)

That's better.

Picking out some jade for Emma. I got us matching heart necklaces.

Yup, still not enjoying it. Jade schmade.

Watermelon helped.

Letting Daddy hold her. She continues to do better and better with Mark. We had thought that she was calling him mama just like she calls me, but we have now realized she is calling him Mark, but it sounds like mar. Cracks me up.

The boys were troopers. They don't really enjoy the shopping either.

I guess posing for the camera helped.

The aunts and grandmothers may be getting something. Sorry to all other family members :-(

That evening we were able to eat with another adoptive family. It was really wonderful to be able to visit with them. They are adopting two cuties.

This is also when we discovered that this girl has a serious love for tofu. She ate FIVE bowls of it. She would finish a bowl and then push it towards the serving dish and ask for more. I have no clue how to fix tofu. Guess I need to learn.

Emma has shown that she has a very tender, caring, and kind side. On the dinner cruise, there was a little girl (3 years old) who was really grieving. She was just standing there crying. She won't allow her new parents to comfort her, so they just stand close by (fortunately they are experienced adoptive parents who understand grief and know how to handle a case like this). Emma was very concerned about this girl and was trying to comfort her. It really melted my heart. At the dinner with our new friends, Emma was holding a plate up for this boy because he was enjoying putting his hand on it. After that was done, she got a wipe and started cleaning his hand. It was really sweet to see. It also let me know that she has been cared for and loved. She knew how to do these things because they have been done for her.

She is still loving her brothers, and they adore her. I am so very thankful that they have been on this trip. It was another great day.

- Jenna

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