Sunday, June 16, 2013

On the Way to Guiyang

We are now just a few hours away from meeting Emma Grace. I was really afraid that I would not be able to sleep last night, but I was so tired that sleep came very easily. Mark and I both woke up around 3:45, and there was no way that we could go back to sleep. We had to be up by 5 anyway in order to get ready for our flight. We made it to the airport in plenty of time and were going through security when I realized that we had left our camera in the car. Mark and the boys had already gone through security. Fortunately, our guide was able to run back and get it, and I made it to the gate in plenty of time. We already met another family who are adopting in Guiyang. We are even staying at the same hotel. That is comforting to me. We loaded up on a bus and were driven to our plane. Everyone boarded, and then we sat and sat and sat. After close to an hour and a half delay, we were finally off. At this point, we are about an hour into the 3 hour flight. We should arrive in Guiyang around 1 and will meet Emma sometime this afternoon. I really can't describe what I am feeling right now. Add some nervousness, sadness, joy, fear, gratefulness, excitement and that might describe how we are all feeling. I am trying really hard to not think much about it, because when I do, then I can feel the emotions rise and the tears want to come. So I am blogging and then will probably play a mindless game. Mark wanted me to listen to the Casting Crowns song, "So Far to Find You" which is a song about adopting internationally. Not a chance. I do not need any help with becoming more emotional today. The next post will be about Emma's arrival into our family. To think that we are about to be able to actually touch and hold our daughter. Praying it goes as well as it can.

- Jenna

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