Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day Six Continued

After our visit to the center, we had time to eat quickly before time for our late check-out at the hotel. We went back to the restaurant we had found. I really wish we had discovered this sooner. The restaurant owners/workers were once again thrilled to see us, seriously. There were several pictures taken.

The boys make fangs out of their chopsticks and Emma uses hers to eat Cheerios. We are officially out of Cheerios!

This baby was making funny faces on demand. She was a cutie.

Cade was so excited to have shrimp. He insisted that he loved them, but for some reason he only ate a couple :-)

A street view. I really wish we had taken more pictures of what the city looked like.

We checked out of the hotel. Fortunately, Emma's passport was ready. We then had some time to kill before our flight, so we went to some tower or pavilion or something. It is in honor of the first scholar and subsequent scholars of Guiyang. Mark must not have downloaded those photos. I will add some later. Emma desperately needed a nap, so most of the time we were there I was dealing with a grumpy girl. She really fights sleep. After this, we were able to go to Emma's finding spot. This is the location where she was found. We were told that she was found on a bench. We didn't see another bench on this street. There is a high likelihood that her birthparents live somewhere in the general vicinity. I am so sad that I cannot give her more information about her past. I pray that I will be able to help her through the grief that she will likely feel about her past and about her adoption. It was very emotional to visit this place. My beautiful, precious girl. I believe that her birthparents loved her but couldn't get her the medical help she needed. I wish they could see her now and could know how amazing she is. I will never forget them and will do my best to honor them.

A glimpse of the life she might have led.

My precious daughter.

After that, we headed to the airport. Emma finally fell asleep. I was hopeful that she would be in a good mood for our flight. We made it to the airport and there were several other adoptive families on the same flight. It has been wonderful and inspiring to be able to get to know these families. Emma was happy and playing at the airport. I was hopeful that she would do well on the flight.

The boys are amazing brothers to her, and she already adores them.

Her first flight. It was not fun at all. She became very, VERY angry when buckled her in. She was crying and screaming. It was so pleasant :-/. The flight attendant let her sit on my lap. That helped for a bit. A sucker helped for a bit. The Bubbles app helped for a bit. She even looked at a book for a bit. They served some food and she did well then. The other hour of the hour and a half flight was challenging to say the least. I am certain that people were hating us. I am so dreading the flight home. We arrived in Guangzhou and met our guide. We were all emotionally and physically exhausted. The hotel check-in took an eternity. I don't know why. However, we were all so very happy to be in Guangzhou. It is a modern, westernized city and is so much easier to find things and to communicate. This is the final stop for all American adoptive families because this is where the US Consulate is located. A lot of adoptive families stay at the same hotel we are staying at, so we are able to meet so many wonderful families. We aren't stared at as much either which is really nice. The hotel rooms here are wonderful and spacious. We are actually comfortable when we are hanging out in the hotel room. So thankful to be here and also thankful that we are at the final stage of the adoption.

Emma making herself at home in our new room. She is going to think that we move every week to a new hotel :-)

- Jenna

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