Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day Four - Waterfall and Dragon Palace Cave - Pt. One

This morning started out great. Emma actually let me feed her breakfast. It is hard to explain why this is a big deal. She is clearly used to doing many things on her own and does not want help. The fact that she let me feed her shows that she is trusting me and bonding with me. She is a bit grumpy when she wakes up, and she is hard-headed. Mark said that we got the Chinese version of me :-)

She never smiles for pictures. She also has a very small smile. I don't know if that has anything to do with her cleft. She already has an appointment with the cleft specialist on July 2nd. I will be glad to have her looked at by him. Her repair seems to be good, but she does make this odd clicking sound. We don't know if she will need additional surgeries. We were given a picture of her cleft from before the repair which will be a good thing to show the doctor. We haven't done any prodding in her mouth. We will just wait for the doctor. We are able to clearly see that she has at least one cavity. The boys have a dentist appointment mid-July. Since we have an awesome dentist, I will ask her about it then. I don't want to swamp Emma with medical procedures, but the tooth has a huge black center and may need taking care of promptly.

After breakfast, we headed out to see one of the largest waterfalls in China, Huangguoshu Waterfall. It was a couple of hours drive away. Emma did pretty well on the drive. Carseats are not used in China and seat belts aren't really either. Emma is going to have a rude awakening when she arrives home.

This day she decided that Cade and Dylan were the brothers to be with. She refused Chase's hand but wanted Cade and Dylan to hold her hands. Chase would reach out his hand to her and she would stick her hands behind her back like this.

If Dylan or Cade reached for her hand, then she would take it. If I reached for her hand, she would put it behind her back until she would look up and realize it was me and then she would take it. Chase still made her laugh, but she wanted no hand holding from him.

The boys, Emma, and our guide, Vickie.

She loves to point and show us things. Here she is showing Cade something very important.

- Jenna

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