Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 1 - Part 3

These are probably some of my favorite pictures ever, and I will be posting several of them. Emma is learning to smile for pictures. I will be posting some pictures later of her "cheese" face. I cannot express how happy it makes me to see her smiles. The longer we have her, the quicker and easier they come.

My favorite

Too bad Nate is looking less than thrilled. I may have to crop him out.

Ninjas on the subway

This is how Emma likes to ride the subway.

Snuggling up next to Cade. This is the first time she started giving me the "cheese" face. Cracks me up. Sometimes she gives this face AFTER the picture is taken.

And there it is again.

She has no problems with her imagination. She pretends to talk on the phone. She also pretends to take pictures with my cell phone. Do you think she has been photographed much?

It was another great day. We were left with one full day in China. We seriously loved our time in China, but we were all so ready to be home.

- Jenna

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  1. Your favorite is also my favorite! She looks like she's adapting well. Can't wait to meet her!