Thursday, June 20, 2013

Waterfall and Cave - Part Two

She really loved the Koi fish.

I love this picture.

Emma has a thing for umbrellas. Do NOT give her one. The foster family told us that Emma is speaking in sentences. Our guide told us that this isn't true. She has words and is able to communicate, but most of the talking she is doing is babbling.

She wanted me to carry her, but she also wanted both Dylan and Cade to be holding her hands. I do feel really bad for Chase. She has fun with him and likes him, but she won't hold his hand. I really think it is because he is man-sized. I don't know how much interaction she has had with men. She likes Mark, but she is a bit standoffish with him when it comes to giving him affection. I think she just doesn't know what to think about men. It is already improving and I know that it will be a fantastic relationship one day.
- Jenna

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