Thursday, June 20, 2013

Waterfall and Cave - Part Four

After seeing the waterfall, we were finally able to eat some authentic Chinese food. I really enjoy Chinese food, but it is so difficult to order and the boys are pickier than I am. We also haven't found any restaurants by our hotel. The province of Guizhou (Emma's province) is known for its spicy food. I love spicy food. Our lunch was so incredibly good. So much better than KFC and faux Pizza Hut. Emma loved it too. The boys even enjoyed it, but they prefer the Pizza Hut.

She clearly enjoyed her soup.

Yes, she can eat with chopsticks.

We then left to head for the Dragon Palace Cave. That is when we discovered what an overtired Emma looks like. It was not pretty. She finally fell asleep. Please feel free to pray for our plane ride home. It does terrify us a bit :-). She is busy, doesn't seem to know what books are, and shows no interest in watching the TV. The 4 hour flight from Guangzhou to Beijing followed by the 11 hour flight from Beijing to Seattle followed by the 4ish hour (can't remember exact time) flight from Seattle to Dallas should be all sorts of fun. Seriously, please pray for our travels.

I loved the drive. It was so beautiful. It was really interesting to see the rural areas and the rice fields. I enjoyed seeing how the people in these areas live.

I know you are singing the water buffalo song now.

- Jenna

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