Saturday, June 8, 2013

What We Will Be Doing in Country

I cannot believe that it is almost time to travel!!  Here is what we will be doing.

Day 1 and 2:  We leave Wednesday morning at 8 a.m.  We fly to Seattle and will leave from there to Beijing.  We arrive on Thursday at about 4 p.m. which is 3 a.m. on Thursday at home.  A guide will be picking us up and taking us to our hotel.  We will then be trying to stay awake until at least 9.

Day 3:  The next day will be spent at the Great Wall.  We will go up by cable car (so glad for that, I am a bit worried about Nate's asthma flaring up).  We will also be able to go down by slide!!

Day 4:  Today we will tour Tienanmen Square, the Forbidden City, and will take a Hutong tour.  That evening we will be watching a Kung Fu show.

Day 5:  This is Sunday the 16th - FATHER:S DAY.  We will fly to Guiyang in the morning and will meet Emma that afternoon.  She will be with us the rest of the trip.  I absolutely love that she will become a part of our family on Father's Day.

Day 6:  This is an adoption paperwork day.  This is the day that we say the final yes to the adoption, and the day that Emma becomes legally ours.

Day 7:  Free day - we are touring Hongfu Temple and Monkey Park

Day 8:  Free day - we will be going to the waterfall and to Dragon Palace

Day 9:  Free day - we will be going to Jiaxiu Tower and will also be able to visit the foster care center where Emma has been living.  There is a small amount of paperwork on this day.

Day 10:  We will visit the local museum and will then pick up Emma's passport.  We will then be able to fly to Guangzhou.  This is where the American side of the process is completed.

Day 11:  Emma will have to have a medical check this day, including a blood draw for a TB test.  There is also some photos that have to be taken.

Day 12:  Free day - we will probably go to Safari Park on this day.

Day 13:  We will get the TB test results.  I don't know what we will do the rest of the day.

Day 14:  Free day - have hired a guide to take us shopping.

Day 15:  This is our consulate appointment day at the US Consulate.

Day 16:  We will be able to pick up Emma's American visa that afternoon.

Day 17:  We leave this morning.  We will fly to Beijing, then to Seattle, then to Dallas.  This is Friday the 28th.  We will arrive in Dallas really late that night.  Hopefully that will make it easy for all of us to go right to bed!

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