Thursday, June 13, 2013

On Our Way

At the time I am typing this, we are about halfway through our Beijing flight. My sister told me to bring bottles of water on board with us. I should've listened! Besides all of us being thirsty, we are all doing great. The boys haven't complained once. We will see how they are at the end of the flight when it is around 3 am at home. They have all been so excited about their sister. Chase has had his sister's picture as his phone wallpaper for a while. Dylan talks about her all the time and asks about how he can help her adjust. Nate brought a picture of Emma to show-n-tell. Cade has confiscated it and has carried it in his pocket everyday since. He is quick to take it out and show it to anyone and everyone. I was talking to Nate the other day about how he is about to be a big brother, and he informed me that he already is a big brother. They talk about their sister all the time and are so excited about her coming. I hope we have prepared them well for her transition. The fact is that she most likely will grieve deeply and may not like us at all for a while. We have been waiting for her and working to get to this point. She most likely does not know we are coming. If we are lucky, she has seen our pictures. All she will know is that we are taking her away from the only family she has ever known. She won't understand why. She will all of a sudden be surrounded by people who look different, sound different, smell different, eat different foods, and speak a different language. Please be praying for Emma's sweet heart. Mark and I have also been feeling sad for the foster parents. What a huge loss this will be for them. I really hope we get to meet them. Please keep praying for us. I will try to blog every day if the VPN (blogspot is blocked here) and wireless work.

Here is a picture of when we were crossing the international date line. Around 5 more hours left of this flight!

- Jenna

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