Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hutong Tour

Next up was the Hutong tour.

We rode in rickshaws to the Hutong

Chase and Dylan's driver found Nate to be hysterical. He would speed up next to us and then would laugh and laugh when Nate spoke to him. He especially enjoyed it when Nate would tell him hello in Chinese. Nate is a rock star here.

The best way to describe a Hutong is that it is the way that Chinese in Beijing traditionally lived. There is a shared courtyard and small houses around. The one we saw was actually owned by one man. Some people rent a house. Cade is standing in the courtyard.

What were they most interested in? A parakeet....cause we don't have those in America :-/

The kitchen

We also stopped to take a picture of the Bird's Nest.

- Jenna

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