Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jet Lag

After the Hutong tour, we ate at a Texas Bar-B-Que restaurant. Chase saw it and really wanted to eat there. It actually wasn't too bad. There was a lot of Texas memorabilia on the walls including a TCU banner, an A&M helmet, a UT helmet, and a Don't Mess with Texas flag. The restaurant was full of Caucasians, but they were not Americans. Most of them were there watching a rugby game on TV. Don't worry, we will be getting plenty of Chinese food in Guiyang. It is not as western as Beijing.

I have a hilarious video of Nate sleeping and eating at the same time. I posted it on Facebook. Poor baby is definitely feeling some jet lag.

We then went to a Kung Fu show. Here is Nate at the show.

Tomorrow morning we get up really early and fly to Guiyang. Emma will join our family tomorrow afternoon. I am glad we have been so busy. The nerves start hitting when we have a little down time. I pray I can sleep tonight. Please keep praying for sweet Emma's heart. Tomorrow will be so very difficult for her. Pray also for the foster family. I can't imagine their pain.

- Jenna

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