Monday, June 17, 2013

Meeting Emma Grace Part One

I will be breaking this post up into several pieces so that it posts better. We arrived in Guiyang around 1 pm and met our guide. She let us know that we would be meeting Emma at 3 and would need to leave the hotel by 2:30. We rushed to get things ready, had a quick family prayer (the last as a family of six), and then left to meet her. We fortunately did not have a lot of time to get nervous. We drove to the Center for Adoptions which was located on the top floor of an old hotel. Our guide told us that we would probably need to wait for her for a while, so imagine our surprise when we walked in the door and there she was sitting on a couch with her foster grandmother. Dylan walked in first and Mark was right behind him. Mark called down the stairs to me that she was already here.

She didn't cry but just sat there taking us all in. My vertical pictures won't import right now, so I will have to post those later. I gave her some Cheerios and also blew up a balloon.

We gave the foster family some framed pictures. We moved into another room where we were able to ask the foster family some questions. We found out that she lived with the foster mother and foster grandmother. They told us that she is a smart girl. They also told us that they are Christian. We also found out that she is NOT potty trained and that she drinks a bottle every morning. She knew about us and would tell people that her mama gave her the panda backpack. Emma was doing well playing with the boys and playing with us. We didn't try to hold her yet.

This is the director of the foster care center that Emma has been in.

I finally get to hold her. After all this time, I am physically touching my daughter. I am much more thrilled about it than she is :-)

Where is Mark during this time? He is busy doing all the paperwork.

She takes lids off all by herself and drinks by herself. Don't try to help her. See her hand at the bottom of the bottle? This girl is going to be a childproofing nightmare.

Mark finally gets to hold her. She is just as thrilled as before. Next up, the foster family leaves.
- Jenna


  1. Aw, these photos are priceless. Our days went very similar, thanks to some special siblings. Aren't you so glad you were all there?!?! She's beautiful, even when she's less thank thrilled at the photo ops.