Monday, June 17, 2013

Meeting Emma Part Two

Emma didn't really notice when the foster family left. A little bit later, she starting looking for them and began to cry and get upset. I distracted her with bubbles. This was initially successful.

But when I wouldn't let her carry the opened bottle of bubbles, she got MAD. That is when she really started crying. She did not want anything to do with me and would turn her back on me. She was not interested in anything but crying. I finally got her to calm down by letting her look out the window. It was really sad. I have some pictures of that, but those wouldn't import. She was standing by the window and leaning her head on the glass. She started to fall asleep, so I picked her up and was successful in getting her to sleep. I then had to do some paperwork while holding her. We even had to get her handprint, and she slept through the entire process.

We had to wake her up for the official adoption certificate picture. It took several people several minutes to finally wake her up enough for the picture. From there on out, she was happy. This begins what China calls the "harmonious period". Basically, we bring her with us and then have an opportunity to turn down the adoption the next day. Not a chance of that. She is doing amazingly well. I will post more later about how bonding is going and about her personality. We all already love her, and she is full of personality. I cannot believe how well it is going.

- Jenna

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  1. Look at all that hair?! She is so beautiful and spunky. I seriously can't wait to meet her!