Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rest of Day Five

Emma really enjoys being around other children.

The girl loves an umbrella but won't let you hold it and is dangerous with it :-)

After we played for a while, we actually went to a Chinese restaurant Mark spotted. Fortunately there were pictures! It didn't help with everything. We thought we were ordering asparagus, but it was actually some kind of pickled cabbage. I did not like that. Everything else was so good. I wish we had found this place sooner. I really do like Chinese food. They were so happy to have us in their restaurant, even though Emma made a huge mess.

Just a small part of the mess she made.

After we ate, we went back to the hotel. Here is what a tired and dirty Emma looks like.

Mark hopped in the shower, and Emma wanted in with him. More progress! Then Emma took a nice, long nap which is how I was able to get so much blogging done. Mark went down around 4 to pick up our official, notarized copies of the adoption paperwork from our guide. Our guide is an identical twin. Her sister does not speak English, but she also works as a guide. By the way, our guide's English is excellent. Our guide's sister really wanted to meet the boys and take them for ice cream. So Mark and the boys went with them for a bit while I stayed with a napping Emma.

As most people have been, her sister was especially fascinated by Nate and wanted to hold his hand while they walked to the ice cream shop.

Our guide is on the left. Nate may develop a bit of a complex after this trip.

Emma clapping for herself for squishing her stuck brother.

Nate has been struggling a little bit with the fact that he is not getting as much attention from me as he is used to getting. He wanted to snuggle and watch the Incredibles with me. Emma wanted in on the action. And by this I mean that she wanted her bubbas' attention. She started with putting her face near the screen and looking at her brothers. She then started laughing. Her brothers laughed back, but that wasn't enough. She then pushed her forehead to Cade's forehead so that he would have to look at her. Still not enough, so she picked up the iPad and put it in her lap. Now they would have to pay attention to her. Right after this she was turning a switch off and on when she hit Mark's phone charger and blew a fuse. All the lights went out and Mark's charger is now toast. This hotel is really loving us. The lights were turned back on. When it was bedtime, we had a group hug and pulled Emma into it. She loved it and came in for another one. In the morning we will visit her foster care center. I have no idea how she will react, but I really want to see where and how she has lived. Please pray for her heart. After that, we have to check out of the hotel by 2, which is the same time that our guide will be picking up Emma's passport. I don't know what we will do until she picks us up. Hopefully the hotel will hold our luggage for a bit. We will then go to the airport. We have a flight around 6 to Guangzhou. Luckily this flight will be a short one. So very thankful for another amazing day with Emma Grace.

- Jenna


  1. Oh, Jenna. I'm so thankful that you're letting us share these experiences with you. It's such a blessing to see not just sweet Emma Grace, but to glimpse the joy in all of your faces! We're praying for the foster care center visit. For the long flight(s) home, we're sending EXTRA prayers for Emma, for you, and for the other passengers! ;) Love you and your precious family.

  2. It's such an amazing journey that your family is beginning and it's a blessing to me to be able to pray with you and for you. I want to meet her!

  3. My heart is so happy for you all! I know you can't wait to get her home and start living your lives with your new daughter/sister! I'm praying for a smooth transition for everyone.

  4. I'm stalking your blog every day!!! Tears of joy for you and your family!!! Praying for safe , quick and pleasent travels!!!
    Emma is precious!!!!

  5. It was so nice to meet you last night! The tired and dirty picture is how I feel I look most of the time this trip, lol. You must have really enjoyed doing some PINK shopping after 4 boys. Want to meet up for dinner one night? Our littles can make messes together. :)